Areas Addressed in Physical Therapy Treatment Gross Motor Milestones

Gross Motor Milestones

Gross motor:  The control and coordination of large muscle movements that are required fro skills such as standing, walking and jumping


2 months Holds head up steady, in prone position holds head up to chest
3 months In prone position, holds head up to forearms
4 months In prone position, holds head up with extended arms
5 months Able to roll over
6 months Able to sit independently
7 months Able to creep on tummy
8 months Able to crawl on hand and knees
9 months Able pull self to standing
11 months Able to cruise (walk holding on to furniture)
12 months Able to walk independently
15 months Able to run
24 months Able to jump on two feet and kick a ball
30 months Able to climb stairs with alternating feet
36 months Able to peddle on tricycle

All children develop at their own pace. This chart identifies the average time line for milestone development. It is not to be used to determine whether or not your child has a developmental delay. If you are concerned about your child’s development, see a Speech-Language Pathologist.


◄Red Flag: warning signs
3-6 months Unable to hold head up without support, does not tolerate being on tummy
4-8 months Low muscle tone (Like a rag doll), high muscle tone (stiff, tight)
4-9 months Lack of rotational movement
8-12 months Not coordinated, unbalanced movements (favors one side of the body more than other)
10-14 months Consistent tippy toeing (Unable to stand flat footed due to ankle tightness)