Areas Addressed in Physical Therapy Treatment Gross Motor Milestones

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Some of the following may be used during a physical therapy treatment session to help your child overcome the problems listed above. You and your PT will work together with your child.

  1. Muscle stretching and range of motion

  2. Joint mobilization

  3. Soft tissue mobilization

  4. Muscle strengthening and weight bearing activities

  5. Postural control activities for the trunk.

  6. Balance training

  7. Neurodevelopmental techniques – treatments in handling a person to inhibit abnormal reflexes and facilitate body reactions and patterns to attain normal movement (Taber’s, 1997)

  8. gait training, transfer training, and functional mobility training

  9. Equipment training

  10. HEP – Home Exercise Program used by the caregivers to follow through with the goals developed by the family and the PT


Mobilization – making a fixed part moveable again (Taber’s, 1997)

Trunk – the body, except for the head and the limbs (Taber’s, 1997)

Gait – a manner of walking.

Transfer – moving from one location to another with or without
assistance (Taber’s, 1997)