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Speech Milestones

Articulation: Motor mechanics of speech production. Process by which the articulators form sounds.

Age Milestone
3 years m, n, h, p, f, w, b, and d
4 years k, g, and t
5 years j and v
6 years l, r, s, ch, sh, th, and ing
6-7 years By this age, all sounds should be produced accurately.

All children develop at their own pace. This chart identifies the average time line for milestone development. It is not to be used to determine whether or not your child has a developmental delay. If you are concerned about your child’s development, see a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Language Developmental “Red Flags”

Age ◄Red Flag: warning signs
4 years Child’s speech is more than 25% unintelligible to an unfamiliar listener.  Child demonstrates initial sound deletion, backing of sounds (says “back” for “bat”)
5 years Child has more than three consistent sound errors
6 years Child has is lisping or tongue thrusting